InkChat is a web-based tool for collaboration.

It was developed by Professor Watt and his collaborators at the University of Western Ontario. The current version (2.0.x beta) is written entirely in JavaScript with contributions by

Shirley Miao
Maya Ramamurthy
Stephen Solis
James Wake

The previous Inkchat site can be viewed here. The final release of the Java version can be found here. It has no support.


InkChat uses a number of libraries, listed here.

Previous Versions

The current design is based in part on previous versions, written in Java and C#, with contributions by

Joseph Choi
Michael Firesen
Oleg Golubitsky
Rui Hu
Vadim Mazalov
Elena Smirnova
Coby Viner
and others.


You can email the team at